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Taj Mahal Hoax

This is a mixture of BSs and A Fact: 

I don't know where did these 'facts' come from, but I would say most of them are BS:

1) Mumtaz was ShahJahan's SECOND wife 
" Arjumand Banu Begum was married at the age of 19, on 10 May 1612, to Prince Khurram, later known as Emperor Shah Jahan, who conferred upon her the title "Mumtaz Mahal". Though betrothed to Shah Jahan in 1607, she ultimately became his second wife in 1612 and was his favorite. " wikipedia

Shah Jahan had SEVEN wives? - NOPE He had THREE wives:
Arjumand Banu Begum aka Mumtaz Mahal
Akbarabadi Mahal
Kandahari Mahal

2) ShahJahan killed Mumtaz's husband:
" In 1608, Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan's birht name) was engaged to Arjumand Banu Begum (aka Mumtaz) – when they were 15 and 14 years old, respectively. But for some reason, the Prince was not married to Arjumand Banu Begum for five years, which was an unusually long engagement for the time. However, Shah Jahan married the daughter of great-grandson of Shah Ismail of Persia with whom he had a daughter, his first child.[11] " -wikipedia

3) Yes, this is a fact...err, so what's wrong with it?
" Mumtaz Mahal died in Burhanpur in 1631 AD (1040 AH) while giving birth to her fourteenth child.[2] She had been accompanying her husband while he was fighting a campaign in the Deccan Plateau. Apparently after her death, Shah Jahan went into secluded mourning for a year.[9] When he appeared again, his hair had turned white, his back was bent, and his face worn." Wikipedia

4) Shah Jahan married Mumtaz's sister?
" Shah Jahan did not marry after the death of Mumtaz, definitely not the sister of Mumtaz. After Mumtaz's death, Shah Jahan was inconsolable and spent the rest of his years in mourning, and construction of Taj Mahal in her memory, as a symbol of love. Later when he died, his body was also buried beside Mumtaz in Taj Mahal. "

Hadis Palsu - Fadilat Mengingatkan Kedatangan Syaaban

Sekarang sudah masuk bulan Syaaban, dan kalau di Terengganu pasti yang ditunggu adalah "malam sSepu" - dalam bahasa key-elnya adalah malam Nisfu Syaaban. Pada malam Nisfu Syaaban biasanya akan diadakan majlis baca Yasin beramai-ramai. Namun berlainan pula dengan Nisfu Syaaban kali ini. Lainnya kerana saya baru tahu satu hadis baru daripada wall Facebook seorang sahabat berkenaan fadhilat bulan Syaaban. Ianya berbunyi begini
 Salam semua. Sekarang dah nk masuk malam nisfu sya'ban dan malam nisfu sya'ban jatuhnya pada 5 Julai ( Hari Tutupnya Buku Amalan ) . Sebelum terlambat, saya ingin memohon maaf jikalau saya ada buat salah dan silap dgn semua. ^^

* Nabi Muhammad bersabda, sesiapa yang mengingatkan kedatangan bulan ini, HARAM API NERAKA bagi nya. :) 
Sudah memang kebiasaan saya untuk memeriksa kesahihan hadith-hadith yang rakan-rakan share-kan di dinding Facebook mereka. Hasilnya saya menjumpai satu printscreen yang berikut daripada Koleksi Printscreen Ustaz Azhar Idrus:
Penjelasan Ustaz Azhar berkenaan hadis fadilat bulan Syaaban
Maka wahai teman-teman, berhati-hatilah, siasatlah dan sebarkanlah yang benar.

Pisang Goreng Plastik


I never touched this hoax because I always thought people would be able to see how implausible this story is. Yet, this story (or its many iterations) keeps circulating back to my mailbox.

Take a look at the latest version to arrive. Then let's bust this stupid myth once and for all!


This is a true story (from my friend). Mum said my uncle saw it in Tunjang (Kedah) and the pasar malam in Titi Chai Kangar (Perlis) where goreng pisang was sold in the afternoons. The hawker added a plastic drinking straw into a wok of hot oil and let it melt completely before he started to fry some bananas in the bubbling oil. This is why some fried bananas and ubi are so crispy... for hours...!!

My uncle asked the hawker about this, but the hawker did not answer him. When my uncle told my mum about this, they realised this is how the hawkers ensure that fried food stays crispy for their customers. My mum said that in Thailand , they do the same thing to keep fried ikan bilis and fried onions crispy, even if left in the open for hours!!

Another time, I was with my family in Cameron Highlands . It was 3:00 pm and we were hanging around the market area, where there were several hawker stalls. At one of them, there was a big wok of boiling oil with an empty plastic bottle floating in it and slowly melting.

At first I thought it had fallen into the oil accidentally, but then I saw a little girl, about 7-years old, holding a pair of chopsticks and stirring the bottle around in the hot oil. I realised, Oh my God... these people were using melted plastic to fry food, so that the fried snacks would not turn soft when it cooled down later.

Please forward to all your friends... DO NOT EAT CRISPY FRIED SNACKS from the hawkers!! Even if you don't see them melting the plastic in oil, they might have added the plastic a few hours before. After all, they keep the black oil for next day's frying as well, to save cost on cooking oil.
First, let's start with the logic of the story... or the lack thereof.
  • 1. Why would anyone melt plastic straws or bottles in their frying oil in public??? Even if a hawker is so greedy for that edge over his competitor, would he/she be so stupid as to do it so openly?

    2. Even if there's someone that stupid (and the story has at least two idiots of that caliber), why would anyone buy anything from them? Are we that stupid as to continue to buy from such hawkers if we can see them doing such a thing?

    3. More importantly, why didn't the writer (who seemed oh so concerned about our well-being) report the hawker to the authorities? Why didn't anyone else for the matter?

    4. We all know how plastic stinks when you burn or melt them. Logically, any food cooked in such oil would stink. I cannot imagine anyone who would buy such food or even come close to such a hawker!

    5. We have all been to so many night and morning markets and purchased fried bananas and all sorts of fritters from such vendors all our lives. HAVE ANYONE OF YOU EVER SEEN SUCH A THING??? I'll bet NONE of you have ever seen it. Yet, the writer and his uncle have personally seen TWO vendors doing it. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Okay, maybe I'm an incorrigible skeptic. Let's look at the science then.
  • 1. Plastic bottles are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), that melts at above 250 degress Celcius. The de facto frying oil in Malaysia is palm oil, which has a smoking point of just 235 degrees Celcius. That means the frying oil will break down and start smoking BEFORE the plastic bottle even begins to melt!

    2. The only cooking oils that are stable enough above 250 degrees Celcius are refined safflower oil and avocado oil. These are the oils that are remotely capable of melting plastic bottles. Needless to say, they are both much harder to find and A LOT more expensive than palm oil. How much does a fried banana cost? RM 0.70 (US 22 cents)?

    3. Even if you go to all the trouble and expense of actually melting the bottles in safflower/avocado oil, and successfully coat a banana in molten plastic, you will end up with a pretty inedible plastic-coated banana. The plastic coat will be hard to chew on. Try chewing on a plastic bag. If that's not much fun, then you can imagine how it feels to chew on a plastic-coated banana. You will probably feel like you are chewing on a soft dildo...  

    4. Plastic-coated food items will be easy to spot. They will be waterproof and will not spoil. If applied to small food items like ikan bilis (anchovies), they will actually pass through your GI system and exit in your stool in pristine condition!

    5. More importantly, plastic cannot be absorbed or digested by our body... so it will pass through our GI system. The only danger of swallowing plastic is that it may cause GI obstruction. That's why turtles die when they chew on plastic bags... so stop using so many plastic bags and STOP throwing them into the sea!!!

To sum it up, this is YET ANOTHER hoax. Yes, people, IT IS NOT TRUE.

I hope that everyone will forward this rebuttal of this stupid hoax, instead of forwarding the actual hoax. It's time to stop this stupidity.

If you still persist in not using common sense, then let me leave you with a "tip". If you are worried about eating plastic-coated food and yet, cannot pass up on such delicacies, well, there's a simple test - leave the food for 15 minutes or so, and see if it softens. If you cannot wait, then just dunk a part of it in water and see if it absorbs or repels water.

Dr. Adrian Wong

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Logo Israel Pada Setiap PC!

Tahukah anda pada setiap komputer dan laptop yang menggunakan perisian Microsoft Office ada diisikan lambang negara Israel? Tak percaya? Cuba lakukan yang berikut:
Buka komputer/ laptop anda
pda "Local Disk (c) , THEN
"Program Files"
"Microsoft Office"
THEN "Media"
cari gambar no "J0285926" dan
Anda akn jmpa gambar Lambang/
Bendera ZIONIS,ISRAEL.l ngkap
(sama dngan wrna aslinya) dngan
lilin (sarana ibadah
DELETE pic itu!!
Utk pngtahuan anda ,
gmbar trsbut ada di sluruh PC
Sbarkan kpd smua saudara islam!!
CARI smpai
Saya pasti anda akan menjumpai lambang yang berikut pada PC anda:
Lambang Star of David dan Menorah
 Nah, apa lagi? Satu lagi bukti bahawa Yahudi kini sedang cuba menguasai dunia dengan menggunakan perisian Microsoft. Anda perlu menghapuskan logo tersebut secepat mungkin. Besar kemungkinan Yahudi sedang memasang perangkap untuk mengintip pergerakan umat Islam di seluruh dunia melalui PC yang mereka gunakan

 Sebelum anda terus membuat kesimpulan dan teori yang bukan-bukan. Ada baiknya anda lakukan yang berikut:
1) Buka perisian Microsoft Word
2) Pergi ke Insert
3) Pergi ke ClipArt 
4) Pada ruangan "Search for", taipkan religion
5) Tekan "Go" 
 6) Katakan pada diri anda sendiri "Laa, logo agama je rupanya...lambang Islam, Kristian dan Buddha pun ada gak kat sini...chaisshhhh!"
Lambang Yahudi pada PC


Isnin, 5 November 2012

Hadis Palsu - Larangan Merokok

Perhatian! Saya tahu betapa bencinya anda kepada perokok. Tetapi kebencian itu janganlah pula diterjemahkan dengan penyebaran hadith palsu seperti berikut: 

Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda (maksudnya) : “Kelak akan datang kaum-kaum di akhir zaman, mereka suka menyedut asap tembakau dan mereka berkata: Kami adalah umat Muhammad padahal mereka bukan umat ku dan aku juga tidak menganggap mereka sebagai umat ku, bahkan mereka adalah orang yang celaka” Abu Hurairah R.A yang mendengar sabda tersebut bertanya: “Bagaimana sejarah tembakau itu tumbuh wahai Rasulullah?” 
Sabda Rasulullah SAW : “ Sesungguhnya setelah Allah menciptakan Adam dan memerintahkan para malaikat untuk sujud (tanda penghormatan) kepada Adam, seluruh malaikat kemudian sujud kepadanya kecuali iblis. Dia enggan, sombong dan termasuk orang-orang yang kafir. Allah bertanya kepada iblis : Wahai iblis apa yang menyebabkan kamu tidak mahu sujud ketika Aku memerintahkan mu? Kata iblis : Aku lebih baik darinya, aku tercipta dari api sedangkan ia dari tanah. Allah berfirman: Keluarlah engkau dari syurga, sesungguhnya engkau terkutuk dan engkau dilaknat hingga akhir. Iblis keluar dalam ketakutan hingga terkencing-kencing. Dari titisan kencing iblis itulah tumbuh sejenis tumbuhan yang dinamakan pokok tembakau.” Nabi bersabda lagi : “Allah memasukkan mereka ke dalam neraka dan sesungguhnya tembakau adalah tanaman yang keji” 
Kali ini saya sedikit malas hendak menghuraikannya. Jadi, saya biarkan anda membaca selanjutnya di SINI 

Neil Amstrong Memeluk Islam?

Manusia sering terpesona dengan keindahan bulan. Pesona itulah juga yang telah memberikan peluang kepada Neil Amstrong untuk menjadi manusia pertama yang diketahui menjejak kaki ke bulan. Kejayaan menjejak kaki ke bulan adalah satu pencapaian besar bagi umat manusia dan sudah tentu membanggakan terutama bagi orang Amerika. Di sebalik pencapaian itu terselit sebuah cerita menarik tentang bagaimana angkasawan itu memeluk Islam.

Gambar daripada

Menurut ceritanya, Neil Amstrong telah mendengar suatu bunyi yang pelik dari satu bahasa yang asing ketika berada di bulan. Beliau tidak mengetahui apakah bunyi tersebut sehinggalah selepas beliau bercuti di Kaherah, Mesir. Di sana beliau telah mendengar suatu bunyi yang serupa dengan apa yang didengarnya di bulan. Beliau bertanyakan seorang pelayan tentang bunyi itu dan diberitahu bahawa bunyi itu adalah seruan azan. Pengakhiran ceritanya adalah beliau memeluk Islam - sesuatu yang membanggakan umat Islam.

Cerita tersebut telah diulang siar oleh ramai orang Islam termasuklah ustaz-ustaz. Ia adalah satu bahan dakwah yang baik untuk meningkatkan jatidiri keislaman anak-anak muda, hanya jika ianya BENAR! Malangnya ini adalah satu lagi dakwaan PALSU yang tidak diketahui asal usulnya, namun terlalu sering disebar. Berikut adalah fakta bagi menidakkan dakwaan tersebut:

1) Surat daripada Vivian White, pembantu pentadbiran Neil Amstrong kepada Phil Parshall, Pengarah Asian Research Center International Christian Fellowship. (dipetik daripada Wikipedia)
NEIL A. ARMSTRONG  LEBANON, OHIO 45036 July 14,1983 Mr. Phil Parshall Director Asian Research Center International Christian Fellowship 29524 Bobrich Livonia, Michigan 48152 Dear Mr. Parshall: Mr. Armstrong has asked me to reply to your letter and to thank you for the courtesy of your inquiry.The reports of his conversion to Islam and of hearing the voice of Adzan on the moon and elsewhere are all untrue.Several publications in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries have published these reports without verification. We apologize for any inconvenience that this incompetent journalism may have caused you. Subsequently, Mr. Armstrong agreed to participate in a telephone interview, reiterating his reaction to these stories. I am enclosing copies of the United States State Department's communications prior to and after that interview. Sincerely Vivian White Administrative AideLetter by Vivian White, Administrative Aide for Neil Armstrong; July 14,1983  
 2) Laporan The Star Online (Malaysia)
“The only thing that might be more difficult than the Apollo programme was trying to fake it,” he said during a question-and-answer session at the Global Leadership Forum here yesterday.
Asked by Malaysian astronaut candidate Zaid Zahari, 32, which he considered to be his greatest achievement – landing on the moon or getting back to Earth safely – Armstrong said it was a “superior moment” when he set foot on the moon.
. . .
Armstrong, 75, also denied he had heard the Muslim call to prayer on the moon and had converted to Islam.
Jelas sekarang bahawa Neil Amstrong tidak mendengar bunyi azan ketika di bulan mahupun memeluk Islam! Namun, saya tidak terkejut kalau nanti kelua pula dakwaan konon angkasawan itu TERPAKSA menyembunyikan keislamannya kerana konspirasi kerajaan Amerika. Tertutup satu lubang tak bermakna takkan muncul lubang yang lain.

Khamis, 1 November 2012

Coca Cola = La Muhammad La Makkah?

Umat Islam di Malaysia amat sensitif dengan penggunaan kalimah Allah. Apa jua yang barang yang terdapat imej yang serupa dengan kalimah Allah pasti akan diangkat menjadi sesuatu yang kontroversi. Ini dibuktikan dengan pendedahan beberapa kali penggunaan kalimah tersebut dalam jenama-jenama yang agak terkenal. Kontroversi yang begitu riuh diperkatakan ini amat membakar perasaan umat Islam. Pada mereka ini adalah satu lagi agenda untuk menghina dan merendahkan ajaran Islam atau dalam bahasa Inggerisnya 'blasphemy'.

Hasil daripada bantahan dan pemboikotan itu kita melihat syarikat F&N memohon maaf dan menukar logo mereka kepada bentuk yang lebih sesuai. Kita juga melihat Nike menarik balik kasut mereka daripada pasaran kerana tenunan bercorak api pada kasut itu menyerupai kalimah Allah. Sudah tentu ini adalah satu kejayaan yang besar kerana akhirnya syarikat-syarikat ini akhirnya sedar akan sensitiviti umat Islam terhadap perkara berkaitan simbol agama mereka.Saya bersyukur kerana sekurang-kurangnya umat Islam masih sensitif dengan isu-isu menyangkut hal-hal agama mereka.

Gambar daripada
Namun, sikap yang keterlaluan dalam hal-hal sebegini kadang-kadang membuat sesetengah orang merasa jengkel termasuklah saya, seorang muslim. Ya, adalah sesuatu yang menjengkelkan apabila melihat daripada kalangan kita menunggang terbalikkan sesuatu barang hanya untuk memastikan wujud tidak kalimah Allah atau apa-apa simbol Islam padanya. Sikap keterlaluan ini kadang-kadang menunjukkan betapa dangkal dan ceteknya kefahaman kita tentang ajaran Islam. Ini dapat dilihat melalui contoh-contoh yang berikut:

Logo Coca Cola apabila diterbalikkan, menunjukkan kalimah Arab yang kononnya berbunyi La Muhammad La Makkah bermaksud 'Tiada Muhammad Tiada Makkah'.
Pada penglihatan saya ia tidak bermaksud demikian, bahkan ia sebenarnya berbunyi Li Muhammad Li Makkah yang bermaksud 'untuk Muhammad, untuk Makkah.' Bukankah maksudnya bagus? Orang yang tahu bahasa arab sudah tentu dapat membezakan bahawa yang terdapat dalam logo tersebut adalah  ل yang bermaksud 'untuk' dan bukannya لا yang bermaksud tidak. Hanya orang yang terlebih pandai bahasa Arab sahaja yang akan mengatakan sebaliknya. 

Begitu juga halnya dengan logo Crocs di atas yang telah diterbalikkan semata-mata untuk menunjukkan adanya kalimah Allah. Walhal gambar yang asal dengan jelas dan terang menunjukkan bahawa ia adalah seekor buaya. Tetapi wujud pula orang yang terlebih tajam penglihatannya dan terlebih pula daya analisis dan sistesisnya menafsirkan logo itu sebagai kalimah Allah.Untuk memvisualkannya menjadi satu kerja pula untuk menterbalikkan logo itu dan menambah lakaran tulisan nama Allah pada logo yang terbalik itu.

Maka daripada kontroversi sebegini dapat kita fahami bahawa dalam fikiran sesetengah daripada kita apa-apa sahaja yang berbentuk trisula itu adalah kalimah Allah. Terbit pula persoalan daripada benak fikiran saya, "Bagaimana pula jika kalimah itu sudah memang semulajadi wujud pada sesuatu hidupan atau benda?" Apakah pula hukumnya kita masuk ke tandas sedangkan pada tangan kita sendiri ada kalimah Allah (menurut pendapat sesetengah orang)? 

Pada tangan kita dikatakan ada kalimah Allah